Our key technologies and know-hows are : IoT (Internet of Things) We are experienced in the development of connected objects and sensor mesh networks using the following standards - LORA - Bluetooth Low Energy - NFC - RFID (LF, HF, UHF) - ZigBee - Thread - Proprietary sub-GHz Integration There is no good electronic product without a well-adapted enclosure. The related issues include electromagnetic compatibility, thermal management, environmental protection (vibrations, temperature, water ingress, …), … Our experience in the industrial field allows to focus on the critical parameters at the first sight. With our prototyping capabilities (3D printer and milling tool) and our partner network, we can assist you to build the right combination of electronics and enclosure. Design-to-cost and industrialization We have a wide experience in the design-to-cost approach and industrialization process (from very small serie (<10 pieces) up to ten of thousands pieces batches). As soon as you have defined the functions of your products, it is time to think about the way to implement it in your product and also to test it at the production stage. Every choice has a cost... the earlier you do the right one, the less expensive your final product will be. Our partner network allows to quickly open doors to reach the most efficient solution depending on the expected sales quantities.
Energy harvesting Extracting energy out of our environment and using it with the highest efficiency is daily challenge. The usual transducers we are exploiting are piezoelectric material, magnets, antennas, thermoelectric cells, ... In parallel to the power management, we are also specialist in building your application using micro-amps supply current (MSP430, Cortex M0 /M0+ ARM core like the STM32L range).
Sensors Photons (from infrared to X-ray), vibrations, motions, magnetic fields, temperature, … we can help you to sense and process your key signal !

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